Everyone I've spoken to has been very envious - both of the location and the process itself. I keep talking about how meaningful it was, and how we ended up with something I wasn't expecting at all. I really believe that (it)got me over a block I have about starting writing. Sitting in a beautiful space, listening to music and us both being absorbed in our own thing was really precious and would be perfect for a stressed-out exec. 



As a painting I think you have done an amazing job and I think it's a very interesting piece of work. It is however, hard to look at it like I would any other painting as it's so personal and emotional. I found (it) pretty shocking in terms of how accurate and personal it felt. It made me think a lot particularly about my body - I am not prudish or self conscious about my body generally - so I was pretty surprised at my more uncomfortable feelings....this image felt more exposed than just the physical - there was more on show than just my physical attributes


I have to thank you for the great experience I had in the studio with you. I loved the setting and atmosphere of the entire thing.... 'retreat like' but with a completely new way to work on oneself- with the artist/coach. In my view there is a new and unique offer in that... namely art and expression as a form of personal development; a new way to reflect upon oneself and to capture a moment in time in one's life. For me this was of huge value. Like coaching... through the artist's paintbrush, where the artist/psychologist captures the true essence of the soul and reflects it back for thought and consideration. The conversation we had and your subsequent interpretation were eye opening for me and have been an interesting step in the journey I am already on. I also think that there is something very appealing about the female energy and power angle of it all. Women reading women and opening our eyes to our feminine power. Very relevant at this time. 


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